Projects & Research

I use both traditional methods and scientific based research to provide clients with the most effective therapeutic options. 

As an experienced researcher in the field of complementary medicine, I collaborate and work with research organisations around Australia. 

My affiliation with research organisations gives me the opportunity to ensure the latest information, treatments and diagnostic methods are always at the forefront of my practice. 

As a clinician and health scientist I am involved in the continued expansion of the knowledge base of practitioners in our industry. 

I actively collaborate with researchers and support clinical studies and other trials that take place around Australia and overseas. 

Research activities investigate specialised areas of health as well as specialised product formulations, which allows me to offer my clients the opportunity to access emerging and potentially valuable treatments. 

Projects I am currently working on:



The effects of a microbiota species on gastrointestinal and female health.  



Herbal therapies for the treatment and management of a disrupted microbiota species in female health.

There are several research projects taking place and we are always looking for suitable participants. 

If you would like further information, please contact me here directly using the contact form on the home page  

Disclaimer: *Research projects are separate activities solely affiliated with Rommy Castaneda and are distinctly independent from Auburn Chiropractic Centre and its functions.